Review of Yogadev Wheel. Thumbs down

Review of Yogadev Wheel. Thumbs down

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OMG! So I am  often given things to give honest reviews.  This was one of those times I didn’t want to give a review, well a bad review, however…. This is a product that IMO should not be used for beginners.

As a matter of fact, I did  a looong ass video showing myself and a friend using the wheel and neither of us liked it.

It is unstable, it hurts if it falls onto your toe. A block doesnt hurt.. (kidding)

Anyhooo, This is short and sweet.
 This is a THUMBS down. 


Their website





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Strap time with Rachel!

Strap time with Rachel!

I was given this strap to give an honest review of the product.

I teach yoga to the super beginner and I was hoping that this strap would be great for my student, especially my most inflexible and those with arthritis.
However, it wasnt. I found it complicated and cumbersome. The loops are a great idea for someone who cant hold one well, but they didn’t work well with any of my older clients. It is my opinion that less loops actually gives more options.


 Here is a video of me using it. Apex Yoga Strap 101


If you want to check the strap out: #yoga


And now.. a time to relax and MMmmmaacha! Midori matcha!

And now.. a time to relax and MMmmmaacha! Midori matcha!

Ok, so I am trying to not drink coffee. I am not addicted in anyway, but I don’t think the way I drink coffee is good for me.  You see, I like my coffee like I like my men.. light n sweet. And we all know that leads to trouble and so I am just going to stop coffeeing altogether.
I shall TEA!!

Which was interesting because shortly after I declared my love for coffee over, I was  asked to give my honest review on a Macha Tea. I do not drink tea much less a green tea. And again like my coffee and men, light n sweet. which RUINS it.

Well, here is my review.

So hold on to your cups, … Midori Matcha cerimonial tea is MMMmmm Mm good!

  1. Lovely packing.Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 11.49.00 AM
  2. Just add water and mix with a whip. Wood is better, but any whip will do.Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 11.49.07 AM
  3. SipScreen Shot 2015-11-04 at 11.49.15 AM and MMMaachaaa!
  4. Try it! It is yummy. Oh and FYI it tastes like a green drink, but warm 🙂


Try it you will love it!

So now that I am back? What do I write about?

So now that I am back? What do I write about?

Yo Yo Yo!! Yoga Divina here with another typo-ed and odd post! Yahooo. OMG Did I tell you that since the last time I wrote I had BREAST CANCAAA? OMG! No really! It was a life changing event.  And I now live with my motha? Yes… it’s true!! OY

Oh mah gawd we should talk… But I need to get back to my home work.

Mine are still with me and they are fabulous!


Check out how YOU can use BREAST CHEK KIT to Chek yourself! (not a typo!)

A BREAST CHEK KIT consists of two micro-thin layers of polyurethane with non-toxic lubricant sealed in between.  Find out more here.

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LIKE THIS!!!  It Stays

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And this!! Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 3.23.21 PM

or this!

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OH!! So Have ya found me on Periscope yet??

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Find me!! I ramble about yoga, stuff, life, food. It’s been hard to do video since I gained a bit of weight, but I am sure it doesnt really matter to you does it?  You just want to see me. All 5’2 and of me.

In the beginning was the word.. but was it the Bible, or the Sutras?

In the beginning was the word.. but was it the Bible, or the Sutras?

Today I was asked about Yoga and Christianity: Are the asanas religious?

The asanas (poses) are there to help you sit to meditate.  Think about it.. How hard is it to sit? Hard!  You cannot open up on the inside if you don’t open up on the outside… 😛

The asanas  have Sanskrit names. that mean thing.. ie cat/ cow/ lion eagle etc etc.. but they are not religious poses. …Well except once,  I had this Jewish man as a client and when he was in savasana (corpse pose) and I  would say .. “Look! A Jew for Jesus”.  So maybe just THAT pose is religious!

But I digress…
Which was what happened as I was writing about the asanas.. What came first… the Bible or the Yoga Sutras?

So check it out.. the bible is said to be 3500 yrs old,Well the Torah is at least 3,313 years,

The Yoga Sutras which are the Indian version of a bible.. is said to be  from (c. 3300–1700 B.C.E.)5300 years ago..   I think that’s right…

So what this means to me… i am just doing my own calculations and all..But if the Yoga Sutras are older than the Bible… then it seems to me that Christianity came after Hinduism. Right?  This leads me to believe that someone..

Perhaps an English man .. (since they raped and pillaged that country for years)… might have gone to India and  then that someone read the Yoga Sutras,  then chose to interpret it in the eyes of the church,  wrote it in English.. Added their bits and pieces and  Waalaaa!!!
Krishnianity.. Oops I mean Christianity. .. Now please correct me if I am mistaken. I can handle it.
and if our dialect was a bit Un-English..Check it out….
Jai Krishna

Jesus christ…
im just saaayin….
I love google. Look it up , check it out and decide for yourself.


the end. for today:)